2018 Issues Proposed

  • Affordable Housing/Homeless¬†(H-7528) (Click Here to Read More)
  • Guns (no assault weapons (H-7766), no guns in schools (H-7591), red flag law (H-7763) and ten rounds per dip maximum (H-7645). (Click Here to Read More)
  • Sanctuary Churches (no legislation identified as of yet)
  • Womens’ Reproductive Rights;(H-7340) keep abortion safe and legal in R.I. (Click Here to Read More)
  • Global Warming Solutions Act (H-7827); impose fee on all fossil fuel products (H-7400). (Click Here to Read More)
  • Disarm and save climate with nuclear power-oxymorons? (no legislation identified as yet).
  • Line item veto authority for R.I. Governor (H-7277).

For information on the UULMRI and our position on these issue, click here to contact Al Benson

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